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Remote Statistics

View your node statistics anywhere.


Node Monitoring

Get alerts if you have high latency or node not responding


Satellite Latency Tests

Check your nodes latency between the satellites.


Storj DCS Stats

View the present and historic statistics of Storj DCS.

Storj Stats

Below are the latest stats on Storj usage.*


Total Storage: 24.23 Petabytes
Data Downloaded: 1.89 Petabytes
Data Uploaded: 9.1 Petabytes
Free Space: 195.19 Petabytes


Active Nodes: 23,699
Full Nodes: 5,959

Registered Users


The Market

STORJ>USD: $0.3007
$-0.0006 (-0.21%)
Volume: 2.37M

*data is refreshed every 6hours
Easy to read


Our dashboard provides you with vast wealth of analytics from your storj node.


Daily Storage & Bandwidth Usage


Satellite Audit History


Uptime & Latency History

& Much more...

Monitoring & Alerts

Get updates and alerts when things change.

Suspension, Audit and Online Monitoring

Checking every 3 hours

Uptime Monitoring

Checking every 5 minutes*

zkSync Balance Alerts

Checking every hour*

Version Change

Checking every 5 minutes**

& Much more...

* uptime monitoring is completed approximately.
  zkSync uses a remote API to fetch data.
** version change monitoring compares data between version.storj.io and your node version.

Setup in less than 5 minutes

We provide a easy install .sh script which is publically available so you can check what it does and be happy to run it on your linux machine.

Docs... App Setup

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Internal Dashboard LIVE

By Hass | 03 March 2022

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